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The productivity platform for the enterprise

The rise of ecosystem collaboration and a dispersed workforce has increased the need for a powerful cloud to enable efficient teamwork, both across the hall and around the world.

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Features for End-Users

Secure Access & Collaboration

Work securely with anyone from anywhere

Advanced file management

Improve productivity and work better

Powerful Organization & Search

Advanced tags and search engine to find everything

Easy workflow management

Supercharged collaboration on a modern CRM platform

Platform Architecture

Security & Compliance

Designed to meet stringent security and compliance requirements, especially those required in financial services, law, and consulting firms. This includes:

  • A comprehensive model of user roles and permissions to protect your information
  • Advanced audit logs and reports
  • Content lifecycle management with file retention and disposition policies
  • Compliance with industry regulations, including FINRA, SEC, SOX, GDPR, and more

Admin & IT Center

The Admin & IT console is intuitive to operate and allows for easy management of the company’s account and have control and visibility into the organization:

  • User and group management, including roles and permissions
  • Audit trails and compliance reports for every user and action in the platform
  • Centralized company policies across your organization

Infrastructure & Deployment

Cloud-native technology with Kubernetes to deploy on your data center of choice, compatible across public and private clouds. Deployment options:

  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Managed on Public Cloud
  • Self-managed on Public Cloud
  • Self-managed On-premise

Open API

Extend Synergy Cloud and integrate any application with content management and collaboration through our API and access all features of the platform:

  • Synergy API: HTTP endpoints
  • SDKs: we are working to open SDKs in JavaScript and Typescript, with more languages to follow
  • Documentation: API documentation available to customers upon request

Excellent User Experience with first-party Support

Advanced features designed to solve the daily problems of professional services employees packaged in an easy and intuitive interface. And if employees have questions, we provide first-party support to solve any doubts for any Synergy application, so your internal IT department can stay focused on value-added tasks

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