Features for end-users

Work productively and securely on a powerful enterprise platform

Synergy Drive
Synergy Tools
Synergy Reader
Synergy API

Secure Access & Collaboration

Work and collaborate securely with anyone

Native applications & open API

Synergy Cloud is a productivity cloud with content management and collaboration.

Internal permissions and roles

Synergy has powerful and easy to use internal sharing and permissions features.

External sharing

With Synergy, you can easily and securely share folders with external users.

Public shared links

You can share and collaborate with external users publicly without a Synergy account.

Group management

Groups allow you to manage folder permissions and roles for multiple users easily.

Roles for users and groups

Synergy provides pre-defined roles that can be assigned to users and groups.

Advanced file management

Improve your productivity with advanced features

File version control

Synergy has advanced file version control to provide seamless collaboration with anyone while maintaining file integrity.

Microsoft Office co-authoring

Synergy supports real-time co-authoring of Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files in Microsoft Office Online.

Office compare

Synergy's Compare function allows you to compare two files or different file versions.

Offline mode & sync

The Offline mode sections allows you to work offline and then sync your files back to the central repository.

Reference management

Synergy References is a modern reference manager to organize research and make references and citations.

Outlook email filing

Archive your correspondence from Outlook onto Synergy Drive by dragging the email chain from Outlook into the intended folder.

Powerful organization & search

Find your files easily & quickly

Recent files and bookmarks

Shows you the latest files that you have viewed or edited and all the bookmarked files and folders in any repository.

File and folder tags

Tags allow you to organize your content in multiple dimensions in addition to the traditional folder structure.

List filters

When you are browsing through folders you can utilize filters in your main view to narrow the documents shown within the folder.

Full text search

The Search section allows you to search across all the files in the repository and find information instantly.

Smart folders

Allows you to access saved searches easily and share them with any stakeholders.

Activity feed

Allows you to monitor all your activity so that you can check whether you accidentally moved or deleted a file.

Workflow Management

Supercharged collaboration on a modern CRM platform

Project Management

Legal Matters, M&A Deals, Consulting Projects... different names but same goal: to manage your projects efficiently.


Set up and manage different stages for the different activities that you perform to help you move on-schedule.

Companies Directory

Centrally manage all your client or partner companies and track all the relevant activities.

Contacts Directory

Universal directory to quickly find the revelant contacts in your company network and related projects activities.

Time tracking

Easily track and calculate hours for all your projects, customizable to fit your specific industry.


Automated tools to help you complete invoicing and payments efficiently.

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